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Developing Ideas

Got an idea in your head but don't know how to implement it? You ordered a new RV/Caravan and need help with fit out ideas( TV, Solar panel, Batteries, furniture, air suspension. e-wof, Self-containment, etc.) We are the one-stop workshop, we take care of all the needs.

Here at Reimann-Tuning, we can provide you with a customized plan for every project.

Wiring Solutions

Tired of tangled wires? Say no more! We got you covered here at Reimann-Tuning. We provide you with a plan and the implementation to hide all those wires away and make it safe at the same time. We also offer guidance with electrical repairs on project cars/RV/Caravan/boats.



Restoration cars are one of our biggest passions and we do it with a love for detail! 


Providing support for restoration projects and wiring solutions in the same place at a competitive price. What else could you ask for?


Car Services

Our standard service involves oil & filter + 32-point safety inspection of the whole vehicle Additionally we carry out repairs if need it $270 +GST

Replacement and Fixes of Interior Parts and Restoration Consulting & Support

Rental Car

If you need a transport for the time been in repair we can organize our rental car for you $45 +GST (day) need to be book in.

Generator Batteries

We can guide you if you need extra power or a backup house or mobile for power supply we have arrange of ECO-FLOW products in house, we can guide you for the right product for your needs.

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